Meet the team

Zlatko Pankov  - Owner and general manager of the company. He
is a man with more than 30 years of experience in marketing, specialized in BTL
activities and stand building projects. He has an “eye” for details and always
strives for perfection. His hobby is sailing.


Sasho Kurteski – Every part of the stand or promotional
equipment has to be in its place. Sasho is taking care every part of the design
to look exactly the same as it is in the drawing. The audio equipment is also
his field of work, especially the microphone checking with some popular song.

Marija Pankova – young and perspective designer,
representative of her “social networking” generation. She takes the best photos
of every event and makes the best sweets in the world. She has a dog too.


Lidija Jovchevska - If anyone can communicate with the clients, fair grounds,

the designer and our team at the same time, then Lidija surely can.

She is communicative, with long experience in stand building projects


Aleksandar Nikolikj – “Eagle calling falcon” is his favorite
saying when he needs an information on the stand, truck unloading, forklifts
and other “exciting” stuff while working somewhere in a far, far away place
from home. His precision and timing is impeccable in delivering the stand to
the client.


Slavko Markov – if you need your stand to arrive on time and
in one piece, then Slavko is the guy you are looking for. He will not just
deliver it with the truck but he will load a truck of 12 pallets with 15
pallets. And always with a smile on his face, after so many kilometers passed.


Robert Nikolovski  - is the calmest technical manager who can handle new

situations and solve problems. Intelligent, smart and he always focus on solutions,

rather than choosing to focus on the problems.


Liljana Markova -The toughest girl in the company, Liljana
has many years of experience in projects management, organizing and executing
the most demanding clients wishes. Order and precision is her middle name


Vasko Golubovski - He lighten up every stand. He manages to be precize and on

time, without too much energy