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Acts, not words. That is our guiding philosophy. We know that a project well done is worth 1000 sleepless hours 
and that the acts speak for themselves. So, just briefly, this is what you can expect from our full-service shop.

High-quality, extraordinary, innovative stands for fair exhibitions, planned, produced and executed to perfection. 
With the same precision and dedication we organize promotions & events, conferences and congresses, 
as well as we do rental services.  Now, enough talking, we got job to do. 

Some count it in days, we count in minutes. From idea to execution in just hours. 

No thing is that heavy to be a burden. Transport from point A to Z on our account. 

Every piece on its place
Our team members are former pit stop guys. Fast and trained to perfection 

Complete service
We deliver. Everything. Everywhere. Every time. 

There is no such thing as can't do. Flexibility is our maiden name. 

Wherever you are, we are next to you. 24/7 at your service. 

All kind of materials
You name it, we have it. If it does not exist, we will invent it. 
There are others, and there is Paneks.